How To Choose The Mouse Pad – A Complete Guide To Help You Buy The Best Product

The gaming industry has evolved with time. With special PC’s, laptops, chairs, keyboards and mouse being developed for gaming, mouse pads are the ones that are often neglected. Of course, you would not want your mouse to run over a just thin piece of paper. Imagine a moment when you are just about to begin a game, and you find out that the friction between your mouse and the mouse pad is ruining your game. How bad would that be? Therefore, it is very important to choose a good mouse mat for a quality experience.

Here we discuss some tips that will help you choose better.


1. Cloth Pads: Made up of soft cloth they are considered to be the most comfortable type of mouse mats. They can also be made of soft fabric which gives the user a comfortable feel. If you prefer a little friction while playing games, this is the right product to buy. It is very portable and can be folded, rolled and can be kept even inside your pocket. The drawback of cloth mat is that it gets dirty over time and its edges do give away. This decreases the life of the mat.

2. Hard Pads: Made up of plastic and rubber, they are made to prevent sliding. They do not give much friction and hence the mouse can be glided over it easily. The rubber and plastic make it lightweight and durable. Depending upon the built, it may have a rough or a smooth surface. They are very easy to clean, as just a simple wipe would clean the surface. They are built to last long. They are not flexible and hence can be difficult to transport.

3. Aluminum Pads: They are thinner than the cloth ones, but are very durable and have a maximum life. They are quite expensive because anodized aluminum is used as a material. They are sturdy and very comfortable with the mouse. They give a little bit of friction which may be a turn-off for many smooth mouse riders.

4. Glass Pads: Having a very special feel under the mouse, glass built give modern and very classy look. But you should be very careful before buying a glass built, as mouse may not track the glass. Hence, it may become difficult for you to operate mouse over it. They are thick, fragile and can be very bulky. They should be handled with utmost care.

Buying Guide

Selecting a pad that suits your style is very essential. You should test all types of mouse pads before you make a decision to buy one.
• Texture – Choose the one with just the right texture to provide you the maximum speed and control of your mouse.
• Size – Size is as important as the pad itself. Your mouse mat should be of appropriate size so that it does fit on your table. It should not be very small so as to become a hindrance while gaming.
• Material – The material of the mouse mat should suit your gaming style. Make sure you select the one that gives appropriate friction so that you can glide your mouse with ease.


Getting the right mouse mat is a matter of personal choice. You should always read reviews of the product before you purchase a product. Buying a branded mouse mat is always a smart decision.

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